Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hey friends!!!

I spent the day today at a dance competition up in Idaho Falls it was fun--Sarah and I had a good time critiquing outfits and desciding who should win!!
We also have started Baseball and I will get some photos of that up here as soon as I figure out how to work my new camera Haha.
This is sortof off the subject but I have been drinking this water that is supposed to be really healthy for you. It is put through some sort of filteration system and it is full of anti toxins that clean out your body of the toxins and rehydrate you better than regular water...just trying it hey it's just water right? Ill find out the name of it and let you know how it's going. oh the best part is that it supposedly cleans out toxins from your fat stores and you loose weight!!Yeah we'll see
Also my sister is going to be a distributor for -- Be Lean Extreme -- ----check it out ! more later bye

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First blog ever!

Hey Yall, Isnt this amazing I finally have a blog here is a photo of my sweet girls and there will be more later I promise!!!